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Fishing in Piriac-sur-Mer

Pêcheurs de crevettes Camping Les Flots Bleus de Piriac sur Mer
crevettes roses ou "bouquet" Camping Les Flots Bleus de Piriac sur Mer

I fish, so  I respect a number of things…


      Fishing on the peninsula and in Piriac-sur-Mer, there is something for everyone: on foot, with a line, or by boat... you can fish for mussels, oysters, clams, cockles, winkles, crabs and spider crabs, limpets, razor clams, fish and even sometimes for the luckiest, lobster... Yes it is possible, word of fisherman on foot, I have already brought some...

But fishing, even if it remains a hobby during the holidays, you will have to respect a few points:


- I find out about the times and tide coefficients,

- I find out about the weather conditions,

- I find out about the regulations, the protected and/or prohibited sites, the health quality of the fishing site where I am going,

- I inform my relatives, of my fishing spot and my approximate time of return,

- I use suitable equipment (clothes, gloves, sunglasses, hat...)

During :

- I stay at the place I gave, and I stay in sight of other fishermen, 

- I protect myself from the sun, the wind, falls and fauna or flora

- I use authorized fishing tools,

- I respect the authorized sizes and quotas, or only for my personal consumption,

- I put back in place the stones that I lift,

- I fish more than 15 meters from the parks, away from the entrance to a port, from a rainwater drain,

- I don't leave anything lying around behind me (paper, plastic, etc.)

- I rinse my catch before returning, 

- I watch when the sea rises, and I don't take any risks...


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Happy fishing!

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