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Swimming around...

Camping Les Flots Bleus Piriac-sur-Mer
le port de Piriac proche du Camping Les Flots Bleus de Piriac sur Mer

  The beaches ...

In Piriac-sur-Mer, we have different types of beach according to your expectations:

  - sandy beaches,

  - pebble beaches,

  - small coves (uncovered at low tide).

From these beaches you can access the famous GR 34 which goes around Brittany and ends in Saint Nazaire. Along the way you will be able to see from our edge of the Piriacais coast some exceptional landscapes and viewpoints... So a little swim, but a walk before or after so as not to miss anything of the different charms of our small town.

See,, to discover the interactive map ofs beaches of Piriac sur Mer.

Our dog friends

Here are the rules concerning access to the beaches of Piriac-Sur-Mer for dogs

From June 15 to September 15, dogs are prohibited on all beaches in the town of Piriac-Sur-Mer.

After this date, dogs are allowed from September 16 until June 14. You can therefore walk with your dog on all the beaches and even let him go, provided he obeys the reminder, so that he can make the most of this outdoor walk on the beaches of Piriac-Sur-Mer.

Here is the list of beaches in Piriac-Sur-Mer:

Pointe de Croix Beach

Brambell's Beach

Por Er Ster Beach

Port-au-Loup Beach

Toulifaut Beach

Port Kennet Beach

Cochero Beach

Port du Boucher Beach

St. Michel Beach

Closio Beach

Pointe du Castelli Beach

Bichet Beach

Grand Lanroue Beach

Petit Lanroue Beach

Port Georges Beach

Lerat Beach

Port Nabe Beach

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