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Go cycling or hiking

Balisage chemin côtier proche Camping Les Flots Bleus de Piriac sur Mer
jetée de Piriac, avec vélos posés  sur rochers proche du Camping Les Flots Bleus de Piriac sur Mer

According to your desires:   by bike or on foot!

Coming to Piriac sur Mer for a weekend or a holiday means being sure to fill up on iodine, nature and landscapes as breathtaking as they are breathtaking... with its 11 kilometers of coastline, you can walk along -be the famous GR 34, customs footpath which leads the bravest walkers from Mont Saint Michel to Saint Nazaire, i.e. 2090 km.... But we get lost a little, let's leave the sheep in their salty meadows and come back to Piriac !

and jump on your bike, whether calf-powered or electric, there's no shame, we go further and we move anyway! in short join Guérande, medieval city and place fortified by the Vélocéan or escape towards La Turballe to cross the salt marshes and see the tremendous work of the salt workers who every day pick up white gold  according to a method ancestral for the greatest pleasure of our taste buds!

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